ap irelia (taking floyd's trainer wheels off)

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ap irelia (taking floyd's trainer wheels off) Empty ap irelia (taking floyd's trainer wheels off)

Post  Elkros on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:17 am

ok nerds

irelia is too ez so we're going to MAN IT UP

you will go from




and that's what everyone wants

so here's what u do, ur masteries r 9/0/21 and u take flash/cv bcus ur team ALWAYS needs CV remember and you don't need ignite because ur burst potential is higher then this guy afro afro so you know it's pretty high

ur starting item is cloth armor, 3 hp, 2 blue, you build this into your frozne heart later, don't buy anything bad like wrigs or hog or ur a scrub l0l

rush roa

then deathfire grasp

then morello's

then deathcap

ur invicible bcus you heal so much with your ult


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