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Post  Hyfe on Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:30 pm

For anyone that hasn't been on in the last day or 2, we have some new developments pending, assuming everyone agrees it's a good idea.

A new member we picked up (Atreties) is a part of an established "guild" type community that previously played Rift and other games. They have a pretty nice website, forums, large private vent, etc. They recently added a League of Legends branch to their community, and we have the opportunity to become their "competitive" LoL team, of sorts.

Some important things to consider: I spoke with "Arithien", who is the communities LoL head (community title, separate from our actual team). I told him that joining their community sounds fun, but that it would be important for us to have the final say on who is a part of our competitive lineup, which was perfectly fine with him.

What this means for us is that we would have a website, forums, dedicated private vent, and an already established (albiet small) community. We would have to change our ESL name sooner or later, which is not a problem with me. Their goal is to further develop the site to have news updates, streams, replays, etc. akin to some of the larger competitive team sites (see: TSM, CLG). Of course the success of this largely hinders on us actually PLAYING and signing up for weekend go4lol and other tourneys, etc.

I have already signed up at the conviction forums and plan to begin posting over there.

If anyone has thoughts/issues/concerns about this development, please discuss them here.

Here's the conviction site:

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